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Keesler AFB is located in the City of Biloxi, Mississippi between the Gulf of Mexico and Back Bay of Biloxi approximately 90 miles east of New Orleans, Louisiana; 60 miles west of Mobile, Alabama; and 165 miles south of Jackson, the state capital. The installation comprises over 1,600 acres including separate pockets of privatized housing in the City of Biloxi and Jackson County.

The Keesler AFB JLUS Study Area was designed to encompass all operational areas of the installation, as well as all land in the vicinity that may impact current or future military operations or be impacted by those operations. The proposed Study Area of the Keesler AFB JLUS is the initial area of investigation for the collection of data and information. The final Study Area will be refined based on information collected and input from the public and the JLUS communities.


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