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Keesler AFB JLUS (Final, September 2017)

 The Keesler Air Force Base (AFB) JLUS was accepted by the Policy Committee on September 12, 2017. The final Keesler AFB (AFB) Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is complete and available for download. The final documents are based on input and comments from the public, local jurisdictions, federal and state agencies, and Keesler AFB.

The final Keesler AFB JLUS consists of three documents. Click on the cover image to open a document.

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JLUS Executive Summary

The JLUS Executive Summary serves as a quick reference describing the purpose of a JLUS and providing an overview of the key JLUS recommendations and Military Compatibility Areas.

6 MB file download

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 JLUS Report

The JLUS Report presents an overview of the JLUS planning process, purpose and objectives of the study and the recommended Implementation Plan.

31 MB file download

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 JLUS Background Report

The JLUS Background Report provides the technical background and detailed compatibility assessment that was used to identify issues and develop JLUS recommendations.

39 MB file download


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